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Is your goal to feel good?

Often when I meet people for the first time they ask me what my goals are.  (I think it is an attempt at humour as I teach people how to set powerful and specific goals.)  I proudly tell them, “My goal is to feel good.”  Most look perplexed;  others repeat back my answer, “So you want to feel good?”  I think they are expecting me to have some profound goal in life.  I laugh and explain……..  Whilst I have some very powerful short and long term goals, my main aim is to “feel good” every day.  By that I mean I want to feel free, live in complete joy, laugh lots, and live my passions.  Then they get it.

Here’s the thing:  When we feel good we can climb mountains, we can overcome obstacles, and we can achieve great heights.  Feeling good means that we can be totally focused on our agenda and no one else’s.

A major part of feeling good is giving others the gift of forgiveness.  It is letting go of what others have said and done to us that have hurt.  In giving this gift, we are giving ourselves a greater gift – the freedom of feeling good…..and really, we all want to feel good don’t we?  So, even though others may not deserve it, we deserve the best life, and we can only experience that life when our heart is open and free.

In the 7 DAY FORGIVENESS CHALLENGE we have been choosing to forgive and have been learning how to forgive.  In this time you may have been experiencing many conflicting emotions.  You may have wanted to forgive, but felt anger or bitterness;  you may have wanted to exact revenge;  or you simply may have thought, “They don’t deserve my forgiveness”.  When we work through the heart issues and emotions and forgive, we find a fabulous freedom and joy.  We understand that we are 100% responsible for our own happiness.

The challenge isn’t over!  Follow the “feel good” every day.  You will be surprised at what happens – you will feel happier than ever, the creativity that is distinctly yours will blossom, and you will see opportunities to advance in areas you have not previously seen!Is


The power of forgiveness

For the past few days I have been deeply thinking about the power of forgiveness – yes, that’s right – forgiveness.  What’s that got to do with you reaching your potential in life and business you ask?  Short answer, “EVERYTHING”.

All of us have been hurt and disappointed by the negative words or actions of others aimed in our direction.  When we hold on to these things we hold ourselves in captivity – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We become contracted in so many ways.  We are robbed of the energy, the creativity, and the drive we need to become successful as our focus shifts from our vision of our own destiny to a vision of negativity and hurt.  The problem solving ability we need in business is simply not there as our energy is directed both at the person who hurt us and how we are feeling.  We open ourselves up to sickness and disease.

Here’s the thing:  In this day of heart centred entrepreneurship, more than ever, we need to be clean and clear so that we can give 100% focus on what is it that will bring us joy and reward.

Forgiveness is a choice.  I am putting out there THE FORGIVENESS CHALLENGE. Every day for the next 7 days I want you to sit quietly for a few minutes and ask if there is anyone you need to forgive.  As names come to your mind speak out that you fully forgive and release that person – that today you let them and what they did go……and then I want you to bless them.  Yes, bless them.  (You have got to close the deal – forgive, release and bless) so that the sting of that situation is gone forever and you have the capacity to go on and build the life you have always wanted.


Flipping the switch from effect to cause

One of the first things we do with new clients is teach them the powerful principle of CAUSE AND EFFECT, and how they can move from the EFFECT side of life to the CAUSE side. So many of us live our lives in a state of reaction, i.e. we react to what others say to us and what they do to us.  We become contracted.  We shut down.  We lose who we really are.  As a result, we never really live our passions. We settle for less than we could have had.

When we live on the CAUSE side of life, we know that we have a choice to respond.  We understand that other people’s stuff is their stuff to deal with.  We become one hundred percent responsible for our own happiness and success, AND we know that we can create a life we love.  We feel strong and courageous.  We feel powerful.

You may be “stuck” on the EFFECT side.  In fact, you may have felt like you have lived on the EFFECT side your entire life.  Here’s the thing…….it really isn’t hard to make the shift……to move from a place of contraction to expansion.  To move from the EFFECT side to the CAUSE side (when you know how).

Imagine right now feeling so free – no matter what anyone says to you or does to you.  Imagine living life on your own terms and creating a life that brings you absolute joy.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Feels amazing?  So, how do you make the shift?

Become aware of how you are feeling at all times.  Eg. “Am I feeling contracted (shut down, closed up, angry) or am I feeling expanded (open, happy, blessed).  Take note.

Breathe.  When we are shut down our breathing changes; we don’t take in
as much oxygen; and, as a result, our problem solving ability lessens.

Forgive.   As that famous song says, “let it go, let it go……”

Going from the EFFECTS side to the CAUSE side is like flipping a light switch mentally.  It’s really that simple. Once you learn how to “switch”, the more you do it, the easier and more automatic it will become.

To learn more about how you can make the switch email us today and book your clarity call.


Creating your own sacred space

Happy woman on the beach

What is a sacred space? A sacred space is a space deliberately created in a person’s life that supports and nurtures who they are and what they do. It is a place that brings ease of movement. It releases creativity. Put most simply, a sacred space makes you feel good. It makes you feel energetic and joyful in life.

When you look at your present environment, do you have such a space? Or, is your environment cluttered with old and worn out things; disorder; and chaos?

How do you create a sacred space that you love to live in and that allows you to truly be yourself? It’s easy. You can create such a place in three easy steps:


Clear your home of everything that is old or worn out, Look at every item and ask “does this item serve who I am and where I want to go in life?” If that item doesn’t pass the test then cast it off (either placing it in the trash or giving it to goodwill). EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE – that is, our home, closet, and office should speak of who we are.

We all have a personal style and part of connecting with who you really are is developing that style. Look around your home. Do you love what you see or are you living in someone elses style; pieces (and clothing) that don’t fit well with who you are.   Start with one room. Declutter it and then move on to the next room. If you can’t face a whole room then start with one cupboard…..then move on.


De-cluttering your world can often be an emotional journey. Feelings and fears come up and have to be released so that we know we are making space for the new and better to come into our lives. We may need to deal with emotions we didn’t even know we had. We may actually be afraid that if we let go of the old, we will never experience the new.

Decluttering reveals our chaos. It shows the areas of our lives that are out of order or been neglected. We shouldn’t be overwhelmed by this as just by clearing spaces we are taking charge of our lives.


You have made a space….now to make it your sacred space……Take time to consider what colours to surround your life with. Do you like vibrant and bold colours or do you feel more comfortable with softer or muted colours? What style do you like? Don’t hesitate to hire a consultant or a stylist. (I remember years ago hiring an interior decorator for one visit. He came in and chose beautiful, complimentary colours for my apartment). It was the best money I ever spent.

Organise your work space so that you can quickly and easily lay your hands on what you need. TIP: Keep it simple.

So there you have it……De-clutter, Deal with the Emotions and Beautify.

You’ll be so glad you did. Your life will be lighter. You’ll feel freer. You’ll feel energetic and your space will truly be a sacred space.


How to maintain high levels of inspiration

Have you ever wondered how as an entrepreneur you can consistently maintain a high level of inspiration?  I have – many times. You see, there are days when we spring out of bed excited at the prospect of building our niche enterprise, and other days, well, let’s just say we want to go out and forget work. Recently I didn’t feel like working and visited a friend for coffee just to escape.  After a few hours I said to her, “I’d better go back home and do some work or I’ll have to fire myself. WANING INSPIRATION HAPPENS TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

So, how do we maintain the excitement, the joy, and the inspiration of fulfilling the vision we have?

Allen and I want to share with you some keys to help you maintain a high level of inspiration that will not only assist you to do what you need to in your business and life, BUT cause you to joyfully stride ahead and see amazing results.  So, here goes:

1)   Be very clear about what you want to achieve.  Have a clear Statement of Intention, a Pinterest secret vision board, and affirmations about where you want to go in the business.  Keep it in your heart.  This will carry you through the times that seem a hard slog.

2)  Schedule well.  Don’t do your “busy” work at times where you have little energy, eg. after lunch.  Plan to do the things you don’t find inspiring at high energy times.

3)  Create a balance.  Every single week do something that inspires, eg. for me – it is gardening, but for Allen, it is riding a motorcycle.  Feel  the dirt on your hands, the wind in your hair…. but do something that lights you up.

4)  Take care of yourself physically.  Most of us work at home and work long hours.  We need to maintain a strong work/life balance – eat well and sleep well.

5)  Create your own work space – a sacred space dedicated to work – where you can fully focus on accomplishing tasks and which you can leave after work.

There you have it. Implement these tips and enjoy the rewards.