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Noela Collis, Owner of High Definition and Life Coach

Noela has assisted thousands of people around the world to successfully walk in Divine destiny. She truly believes that God has an amazing life plan for every man and woman to live out. As a Prophetic Minister and Master Life Coach she is passionate about helping her clients discover and understand that plan and working with them to put in place effective goals and strategies to ensure fulfilment of the plan.


As an Executive Life Coach, Noela works with leaders both in the church and in the corporate world to achieve new heights of confidence and ability in their leadership skills, she collaborates with them to chart a clear path ahead; and identify areas that require upgrade of skills and knowledge.


As a Transition Coach, she works with those experiencing major life changes, assisting them to identify what the new season is, how it will look and feel; and what will be required to successfully move into that season. As a Law of Attraction Coach, Noela teaches her clients to bring into their lives the good they truly desire. She assists them to create the vision that is right for them; the mindset that will be required; and the steps they will need to take to see their dreams realised.


Noela is a qualified Counsellor, and uses her professional skills in this area to assist her clients uncover and change core beliefs and limiting beliefs that are obstacles to their success.


Noela is a highly sought after speaker (both in church and corporate settings). She has travelled the world speaking at conferences, seminars and workshops. She has appeared on both television and radio and brings a word that inspires her audience to be all that they can be in life.

Allen Collis, Director of Operations At High Definition and Life Coach

Allen is a Breakthrough Coach for pastors, leaders and executives who want to go beyond their present level of skill and rise to new heights of success. He works with men and women around the world to set and achieve extraordinary goals, alter their perspectives on negative life events, and move beyond pain, guilt and disappointment. Through coaching and NLP processes, he helps his clients move beyond “stuck”, gain mindset shift, reframe life events and most of all – BREAKTHROUGH.


With over 40 years of ministerial experience, as well as having been a business owner, Allen knows what it is to “be stuck” – to not know how to move forward and breakthrough. He also knows the power of establishing   strategic goals and removed mindset blocks.


Allen is a Master Life Coach. And Master NLP Practitioner. He has a B. Sc. In Electronic Engineering (Hons.). He has spoken at training events around the world and has appeared on television in the US. His greatest passion is to see others succeed in their chosen field. Originally from the US, Allen now resides in Australia with his wife Noela.